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First-class Surface Restorations Since 1997

Established in 1997, The Top Doc - Surface Repairs services residential and commercial clients from Horseshoe Bay to Chilliwack (Vancouver, Surrey and Surroundings). Our business was founded by Don Johnson, who currently has over 20 years of experience. We have a team of expert technicians with the technology and resilience to provide first-class surface repairs. With years of experience repairing surfaces that are often considered beyond repair, we pride ourselves on restoring them to a new-like state. Send us a message 24/7 for a free estimate. 

Quartz & Granite Damage Restorations 

At The Top Doc - Surface Repairs, we are experienced in repairing your granite and quartz countertops. From the smallest chip, scratch or crack to the most extensive damage, we have you covered for all residential and commercial spaces. We understand that all surfaces are different and a perfect repair requires colour matching your existing surfaces. Once we have the colour matched, we ensure the shine is restored to your surfaces. Let us protect your granite investment with professional cleaning and sealing. Call us and request a free quote.

Simple Solutions to Complex Surface Challenges

At The Top Doc - Surface Repairs, we consider ourselves to be surface magicians, repairing any surface for our clients and recreating the precise colour, pattern and shine. Even the hardest visual angles can be repaired creatively and artistically by our team. Our repair services include all types of stone - natural and man-made, including granite, quartz, marble and sandstone. We also provide other surface repairs on the wall and floor tiles, chip and crack repairs on wood flooring and cabinets, and repairs on bathtubs and showers, and more.

Quick On-site Surface Repairs

For cracks, chips, seams, scratches and more, book immediate on-site repairs.

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