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Quality Vinyl Flooring & Window Frame Repair  

At The Top Doc - Surface Repairs, whether your vinyl flooring has chips and cracks or your window frames have holes and stains, with us, you don't need to think of a replacement. Our technicians can restore your flooring and window frames, saving you the expense of replacement. We have the know-how for colour, pattern and shine matching to give you “like new” surfaces. Call or send us a message to schedule a service.

Vinyl Flooring Repairs

We repair chips, cracks and gouges in vinyl floorboards. Contact us for vinyl flooring repair you can trust from Horseshoe Bay to Chilliwack.

Window Frame Repairs

The Top Doc - Surface Repairs provides reliable window frame repairs fixing cracks, chips, stains, holes, and any other type of window damage. Call us today, and we will give you a quote to restore your window frame damage.

Home Floor & Window Repairs

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