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Quartz & Granite Damage Restorations 

At The Top Doc - Surface Repairs, we are experienced in repairing your granite and quartz countertops. From the smallest chip, scratch or crack to the most extensive damage, we have you covered for all residential and commercial spaces. We understand that all surfaces are different and a perfect repair requires colour matching your existing surfaces. Once we have the colour matched, we ensure the shine is restored to your surfaces. Let us protect your granite investment with professional cleaning and sealing. Call us and request a free quote.

Granite Repairs

We specialize in chipped edges on the front and at the sink. We work on-site to fabricate the unique colour of the granite surface on chipped areas restoring the granite to its original pattern and appearance. With years of experience and good judgement, we keep clients happy with our results of granite damage restoration.

Quartz Repairs

Is your quartz countertop chipped, or has your seam opened? Has the rich-looking surface become dull in time? We at The Top Doc - Surface Repairs work on the chipped areas and fabricate the individual colours to blend in a replicated pattern. Hire us to give you a quality finished product at the end of the service. 

Practically Invisible Repairs

Let us repair and maintain your beautiful quartz and granite investment today!

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