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Experienced in Wood Floors, Cabinets and Furniture Repairs 

In case you require experienced technicians for wood flooring, cabinets and furniture repairs, you can rely on The Top Doc - Surface Repairs with over 20 years of experience. Whether you have chipped or cracked surfaces, gouged and scratched stair steps or missing surface sections, we have the right solutions for your surface problems. Our floor, cabinet and furniture repair services are available to both residential and commercial clients, including insurance companies, restoration companies and management companies. Call us today for free estimates. 

Wood Flooring Repairs

Has your beautiful wooden floor been scratched by moving a piece of furniture? Or have your stair steps been eaten by your dog? If so, contact the experts at The Top Doc - Surface Repairs for dependable and prompt repairs. We can help with chipped and cracked floor repairs and scratch repairs on all types of floors. 

Cabinet & Furniture Repairs

If the look of your cabinets and furniture has been spoiled by chips, cracks, gouges and scratches, we can help! With over two decades of experience, The Top Doc - Surface Repairs can successfully repair your surfaces.

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